We like to eat

The name: The “Pig” part is obvious but the “Polka” part is another story. Several years ago after a few brews, a friend and I visited a pawn shop looking for a certain piece of jewelry. While I was checking out the jewelry through my blurry eyes, he was strapping on an old accordion. I left with the accordion…next day the pawn shop refused to take it back. I forced myself to learn a few tunes to justify my purchase. I now have about 25 of those squeezeboxes in my collection. Can't play worth a hoot but they sure come in handy when I want the in-laws to leave!

Treehouse Foods LLC is also an obvious name for us. We have a treehouse on the back of our remote property where we love to sit on the deck high in the sky and grill a nice thick pork chop covered in our spices.